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Anika Therapeutics is a global medical technology company based in Bedford, Massachusetts, USA. Anika is committed to improving the lives of patients with degenerative orthopedic diseases and traumatic conditions by providing clinically meaningful therapeutic pain management solutions along the continuum of care, from palliative care to regenerative medicine.

Anika has over two decades of expertise developing, manufacturing and commercializing more than 20 products, in markets across the globe, based on its proprietary hyaluronic acid (HA) technology. With over 20 million procedures performed over the past twenty years utilizing its proprietary technology, Anika is helping individuals all over the world return to life naturally.

CINGAL® is Anika Therapeutics’ third-generation viscosupplementation product, adding to the Company’s strong product portfolio for the treatment of joint pain associated with osteoarthritis. Anika already maintains a market leadership position in the United States and a growing presence internationally, with its multi-injection product, ORTHOVISC®, and its single-injection product, MONOVISC®.

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