The Patient Experience

CINGAL® is a simple, physician-administered injection that delivers fast acting and long lasting pain relief for osteoarthritis so patients can once again enjoy daily physical activities with reduced pain.


couple riding bikesCINGAL is a simple injection that may be done in the convenience of a clinician’s office. The physician injects CINGAL directly into the joint space where it combines with the synovial fluid to relieve the pain of osteoarthritis (OA) at that site.

CINGAL has been specially formulated as a single injection procedure. Unlike other hyaluronic acid (HA) viscosupplementation treatment regimens that may require up to five injections, CINGAL only requires a single injection to achieve fast acting and long lasting pain relief.

The CINGAL injection may be administered by an orthopedic surgeon, rheumatologist, or other qualified health professional.


The physician will identify the injection site and prepare it by cleaning and sterilizing the skin. The clinician may utilize a numbing agent to minimize any discomfort that might occur during the injection.

If there is a lot of articular fluid present in the joint space, some of the excess may be removed prior to administering CINGAL. The physician will then inject CINGAL into the synovial joint space. There may be some pressure during the injection. The injection procedure will only take a few minutes.


Every patient’s experience is slightly different. For some, pain relief for osteoarthritis happens almost immediately, while it may take a few days for others. In a clinical study, CINGAL patients experienced statistically significant reduction in knee pain in the first week.1


In a CINGAL clinical study, significant knee pain relief was sustained through 6 months. Although there were no time points measured after 26 weeks, clinical results show that the effects of CINGAL lasted and appeared to get stronger at 6 months, allowing patients to continue to experience maximum pain relief.1


From the physician’s perspective


“A Canadian doctor with over 35 years experience . . . evaluated the effects of CINGAL only one week after giving treatment. . . . [These] 5 patients suffer from [osteoarthritis of the knee] OAK and all had already experienced hyaluronic acid treatments / viscosupplementation . . . in the past.”

“Their reactions are unanimous and very positive about not only how quickly CINGAL provides relief to pain but [they were] extremely surprised at the speed at which CINGAL treatment bring[s] them back to their daily activities.”

“The follow up evaluation of every patient to receive the treatment CINGAL was astounding. Patients testify that pain is reduced from 75 to 80% just one week after receiving the CINGAL treatment. In comparison, treatment [with the leading single-injection HA viscosupplement] they had received in the past could act only between weeks 4 and 8. . . . Patients receiving CINGAL we noticed an improvement of function / mobility and they had returned to daily activities without pain after only 7 days.”


“My knees have been an issue for me for a few decades as a result of sports injuries and multiple surgeries.  I insist upon an active lifestyle and began using viscosupplement injections several years ago.  I began with Orthovisc and then transitioned to Monovisc.  These injections have allowed me to continue my passion, trekking adventures.  I have recently been injected with CINGAL.

It is truly remarkable in that the pain relief was, for me, overnight.

I know that the pain reduction will last for at least 6 months given my experience with Monovisc, but the fast action of CINGAL is truly a benefit.”


From the physician’s perspective

A Canadian physician in British Columbia treated a 45 year-old patient who is an IV drug user undergoing addiction treatment.

“He has moderately advanced medial compartment OA and was told by his surgeon that he cannot have his knee replacement until he is drug free. This is difficult for him as he is making strides in his addiction, but still gets some relapses.

He came in to see me last week using a cane and was barely able to walk more than a few blocks. . . His knee had an effusion and pain with flexion at 100 degrees, and he was walking with an obvious limp.

Post injection he noticed immediate pain relief within a few minutes and was so excited that he wanted to hug me. He was walking around the office with no cane. He was so happy that someone was actually able to help him when so many people had turned him away.”

“He literally walked out of the office and went home without using his cane that he had come in with!”


Patients whose osteoarthritis is preventing them from participating in normal physical activities without pain should talk with their doctor about CINGAL.

Why Cingal?

NOTE: The safety of CINGAL in pregnant and lactating women has not been established.

1. CINGAL 13-01, a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, active comparator Phase III study. Anika Therapeutics, Inc.: study sponsor, Dr. Laszlo Hangody: global principal investigator, SynteractHCR: CRO.

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